Studio City Clinical Associates Treat Eating Disorders From Several Perspectives

Do you attempt to lose weight by starving yourself? Do you eat an extremely low-fat diet? Do you wonder who is knowledgeable about treating anorexia?

Do you feel fat no matter how much weight you lose?

You could have started out on a diet to lose a few pounds and continued to drop weight because you felt satisfied. Soon you may be in a full-blown state of anorexia nervosa. You may wonder how to I work to start treating anorexia.

The anorexia had occurred out of a need for a sense of control when life seemed chaotic. You may have developed a strong belief that you do not want to gain weight under any circumstances. If you gain weight, you may feel like you have failed and this may contribute to an already fragile sense of self-worth.

Often people with anorexia feel that they are fat no matter what type of feedback they get. People may tell you to look too thin. You may feel you are successful, or you may not believe them. Obsessions about food causing possible weight gain may plague you. How do you get out of this torment?

Five Tips for Treating Anorexia

First Tip for Treating Anorexia


In assessing treatment for anorexia, it is important to evaluate the person’s motivation to get better. Many individuals who suffer from anorexia usually seek treatment when family or friends urge them to. When their health becomes at stake, they may go to an inpatient facility and gain weight temporarily. However, unless they feel the anorexia is a problem they may go back to restricting as soon as life goes back to normal?


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Second Tip for Treating Anorexia

Consider an Evaluation for Psychotropic Medication

Many people who suffer profoundly from anorexia have an intense component of obsessive-compulsive disorder. As stress builds, the obsessions grow louder in their heads. These may include: I am fat, this food will make you gain weight, and the reason I do not have the life I want is that I am fat. Serotonin Reuptake inhibitors and or atypical antipsychotic medication can sometimes help with these painful symptoms. A referral to a good psychiatrist who is familiar with eating disorders would be best.


If you have an evaluation to see if you’re medically stable, Your physician may recommend nutritional supplements. Check out Puritan’s Pride for discount supplements.

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Avoid Power Struggles

Most people do not like being told what to do. It is crucial to provide treatment that takes into consideration what the patient is feeling about trying to eat. Find out what types of food the patient is willing to eat. Gently try to help the patient try new foods. Treatments should never feel punitive.

Fourth Tip for Treating Anorexia

Educate Families Often families of a patient who has been restricting food are panicked. Out of their fear they may have gotten into many conflicts about food. Sometimes parents can influence an inexperienced eating disorder professional to push too hard. It is important to help families understand that unless their loved one is in danger, it probably does more harm to try to push them to eat foods that they are uncomfortable. It is, however, important to discuss their concern and caring for the patient and act if the patient is in medical or psychiatric danger.

Fifth Tip for Treating Anorexia

Help Patients Feel there is Hope

Always help patients feel there is the possibility for improvement. Sometimes, even patients whose anorexia is deeply ingrained within them can experience a spontaneous reduction in symptoms after time. Telling patients who are struggling that there have been others who have gotten better with time can be encouraging. If the treating professional is pessimistic with intent to force the patient to get better may contribute to the patient giving up and adding to increased depression


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