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Help to Stop Binge Eating!

Binge eating be one of your biggest struggles. You may have developed binge eating as a way to deal with emotional stressors. After binge eating, do you get disgusted with yourself and declare that you will stop, only to binge again.

 Five Tips to Stop-Binge-Eating

Stop-Binge-Eating: Tip 1

1. Think about it

To stop-binge-eating, it is important to think about the way in which you eat. If you notice aspects of bringing, at the time you have thoughts of binging you can begin to take steps to get in control.

Think about the significant elements of your behavior. Why do you binge? When do you binge? How large is your binge? Where do you binge? How often is your binge?



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Stop-Binge-Eating: Tip 2

2. Pause before you binge

When planning a binge or beginning to start binge eating, see if you can take a minute to pause. In that minute, notice if you can come up with a reason that you feel like binging. Possible reasons can include deprivation from treats, uncomfortable feelings or a trigger food. Other rationales can consist of a reward for working hard, a punishment for eating a food you deem illegal or eating foods that have positive childhood memories associated.

After the pause, if you need to go ahead and eat. If you stop yourself from eating, later you might rebel against yourself and binge to a greater extent.

Stop-Binge-Eating: Tip 3

3. Figure out the emotions you are feeling.

Some people have difficulty figuring out what emotions they are feeling. You may need some practice and make guesses at what emotions are triggering binges. We suggest methods that you can use to tap into what you are feeling.

Writing without thinking is a good way. At times when you put situations on paper, the feelings jump out at you. Feelings will not go away because you wish they would. They need to diffuse in a natural way. They will lift in time.

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