Night Eating Disorder

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Do you find yourself eating healthy all day only to discover yourself binging before you go to bed?

Are you puzzled that as night approaches you are obsessed with food? You may be struggling with Night Eating Disorder


Symptoms of Night-Eating-Disorder

Among those who struggle with eating disorders Night-Eating-Disorder is fairly standard. The symptoms of Night-Eating- Disorder often includes small appetite or food consumption during the day, agitation or insomnia at night, significant amount and a lot of calories before bedtime as much as more than half the calories consumed during the day.

Many of these calories seem to be starch and carbohydrates. In the morning people often feel upset, guilty, or shame.

One of the biggest struggles is the enormous sense of being out of control

At Times When Boredom or Loneliness Hits Food Becomes A Friend

cropped-20150827_225225000_iOS.jpgPossible causes for Night- Eating-Disorder

Hormone imbalances- Some studies the hormones related to sleep-wake cycles and well as appetite might be lower than in people who do not have this eating disorder

Excessive Stress Can Be a Major Factor In Night Eating Disorder

Excessive stress can also be a contributing factor. Fear leads to the production of cortical, a hormone that informs the body that stress is present. Night-Eating-Disorder may perhaps be the person’s manner of trying to deal the excess levels of cortical.

For thousands of years, Indian and Tibetian Yogi have practiced the arts of meditation, guided imagery, and hypnosis to master mental & physical disciplines.

This path has lead to incredible health, longevity, and extraordinary health.


Guided Imagery is Extremely Valuable in Stress Reduction

Guided imagery is a manner in which you can work to change the focus of the mind away from the stress of the day and relax your body.

The mind and body are most definitely connected.Sleep difficulties are one of the first symptoms people experience when they are anxious or stressed.The mind replays life pressers as the body tightens its muscles.

Guided imagery with audio recordings, can lead you through the process of allowing your mind to refocus which will then relax your body and create a vacation for all your senses.

Imagining yourself in a calm, peaceful setting can help you relax and relieve stress. With practice or done before bed it can be precious for sleep difficulties and night-eating.

Depression and anxiety can also be a contributing factor to Night-Eating-Disorder. Some people have little appetite in the morning or eat fewer than average calories during the day. Later in the day toward the evening, their mood can deteriorate, and depression or anxiety can become apparent. Often they may eat a lot of carbohydrates, increasing serotonin in the brain which can help them to sleep at night.

Emotional eaters may surrender to Night-Eating-Disorder because at night people can become bored or lonely and the use of food seems to soothe and fill up emptiness they feei

To Help with Sleep, Relax, and Pamper Yourself Before Bed

Treatment of Night-Eating- Disorder

When the primary contributing factor is hormonal issues, one way to reduce night eating syndrome is to take tryptophan. Tryptophan is one of the essential amino acids, in the diet. It reacts carbohydrates in the body similarly. It tends to raise the serotonin and has a calming effect. Therefore may reduce the need to eat to calm agitation.

Guided Imagery, Meditation, and Hypnosis can be very useful tools in relieving anxiety.

The Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors particularly Zoloft in the case of Night-Eating-Disorder may ease anxiety and depression which can also help to reduce the need to eat at night.

Psychotherapy can also be very helpful in understanding underlying reasons for stress, depression, and anxiety as well as helping with developing other methods of coping than eating.

4.An evaluation by a neurologist who may order a sleep study may help to see if there is some disruption with sleep which may be contributing to the problem.

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