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How to Stop Emotional Eating

 Are You Frustrated because you know you are not able to stop emotional eating?  Do you realize  you are feeling emotional discomfort, but avoid  experiencing the discomfort ?
You may discover that you when you feel internal discomfort  your automatic reaction is reach for food to numb and  soothe yourself.

Some people have difficulty figuring out what emotions they are feeling.Others try to avoid feelings at all costs. The primary cause of emotional eating is that opinions are considered wrong, and eating is an ideal method avoidance.The meaning of feelings and Emotions can be very different for each of you  depending on early experiences  in your family with experiencing and expressing emotion.

Do you Consider it inappropriate to Experience Feelings and Emotions

Some people grow up with the  belief that experiencing vulnerable  feelings and emotions show weakness.  Or feel anger is totally unacceptable because it might have frighten them as children. Sometime  because the expression of anger by adults may have been destructive or violent.

Memories of violent behavior or frightful outbursts may be associated with feeling terrified.To cope with this terror some children  shut down or to medicate with food as a   survival skill. Some, children, learn the moment they begin to experience emotions bubbling up the fear takes over and they quickly   must shut it down. Often people turn to food to soothe or numb out these feelings,



When an individual has had challenging experiences as a child, they often become fearful of feeling too much emotion because often their memories or experiences can be of adults around them loosing control due to emotional outbursts or being immobilized by depression.

Depression can be severe and often professional treatment should be sought. There are, however, somethings that one can try before seeking professional help.

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Although there are many common elements in each person’s experience of depression each’s strategy needs to be unique. The 7 Steps will help you discover what works best for you – what combination of actions will enable YOU to live an excellent life even with your vulnerability to depression.

Most approaches to the treatment of depression offer solutions that only work in the short-term – a “do these things, and you won’t be depressed anymore” approach.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t take into account the fact that 75% of people who recover from depression will suffer a relapse sometime in their life. If you’re only focused on getting rid of depression you’re bound to feel a failure if you become depressed again. And you’re likely to feel worse than the previous time because you’ve got another inability to add to your list!


Tips to Stop Emotional Eating

Separating Feelings from Behavior

People usually try to avoid feelings because emotions can cause one to feel very uncomfortable. You may associate past behavior with feelings. Emotions can trigger memories of terrifying or scary behavior and loss of control.

In trying to stop emotional eating, it is important to begin to separate the emotion from the behavior. If one can cope with emotions as they arise they are less likely to suppress the emotion and lose control because the feeling becomes overwhelming. To separate emotions from behavior, one must begin to recognize when they feel certain emotions. Sometimes a chart that shows emotions can be helpful.

Learn to Recognize Emotions as they Arise

An important part that helps one Stop Emotional Eating involves recognizing your feelings.This may be the very foreign concept if you are not used to dealing with your emotions. One technique that may help is that as you go through your day, you can notice feelings that you may be feeling. Another technique that could be useful is that when you feel a craving for specific foods, a check to see if you are hungry, if not see if you think thought or emotion.This is a time you might pause to see what is going on emotionally.If you can write these down, you will probably see a pattern.

Trouble Identifying Emotions See Below Some Tools that May Help.

Understanding Feelings

The bad news about feelings is that they are uncontrollable.This is a major obstacle to stopping emotional eating. They are very different from logic. They make sense in an emotional way that is often unknown to us.They come, they go and bring with them a wide range of experiences some pleasant some unpleasant some devastating.

Feelings can move us up or down, depending on who or what we are reacting.

We have words to describe our internal feeling experiences.Some of these include happy, sad, angry, hurt, excited, depressed, frustrated, anxious, as well as much others

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The Journey To Stop Emotional Eating can move forward as one can accept that feelings are part of human experience. We can experience them and recover.

Many people become afraid that an unpleasant feeling will never end. However, usually, we go through the feeling and are better able to cope with situations.If we know we can weather the sense and know we will recover, hopefully, the need to avoid will lessen, and the need to use food to block out these feelings will subside.

Particular Feelings Can Give You Information Interactions and Situations

In helping us to understand ourselves rather than thinking of feelings as enemies they can really be our friends. They tell us who we are by their energy and flow and by their relationship to when we are doing too much by our experience of overwhelming. Feelings can relieve us of tension understood.

Anxiety can be a primary or secondary feeling. Stress can help you see something you fear. As a secondary emotion, it can be a cover up for a more challenging feeling that you might be experiencing. Often these feelings are anger or sadness. We often fear to be out of control.

When we feel anger, it can mean that a situation is not right for you.Paying attention to anger and things that are not good for you can help you set boundaries and/or choose other options which can help reduce emotional eating. Feelings can help us develop and expand our understanding of ourselves and our interactions with others.

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