How to Evaluate Eating Disorder Treatment Services !

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 How to Assess

Are you looking for eating disorder treatment services for yourself or your child? Are you having trouble finding the help you need?
Are you unsure of what is important to look for in choosing a treatment provider?

Eating disorders are usually very complex. You may have developed this problem as a way to cope with difficult feelings of stress, anger, or loneliness. Eating disorders have a variety of causes. Generally, these disorders involve biological, psychological, and social causes. It is important that you find eating disorders support that involves help with these aspects of life.In looking for treatment for yourself or your child, it is important that you look characteristics of the treatment provider or facility that work for you in order to get the quality help you need.

Dr.Christiane Northup, MD. Leading Author and Authority on Women’s Health and Well-Being

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Dr.Christiane Northup, .MD.

Five Significant Aspects of a Good Inpatient Eating Disorder Support

1. The Environment

Does the eating disorder program offer a warm and nurturing environment? Is the staff specially trained in treating eating disordered patients? Is the staff is understanding and empathic to people who have suffered from an eating disorder? Does the treatment facility provide a variety of treatment experiences that help those who need help stabilization to those who need help transitioning back to their home environments?

2. Individualize Treatment

Even though people with eating disorders may have many issues in common, each arrives at an eating disorder through different causes. Also, each has different biological, psychological, and social factors. It is critical that an individual treatment plan is established for the client. Most residential and hospital eating disorder programs primarily have group therapy. When hours of individual therapy are added, the program helps the individual deal more deeply with underlying issues to the person’s eating disorder. The relationship between the therapist and the patient helps the patient feel validated and increase their self-esteem.

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3. Treatment Model

A family therapy program and/or group therapy made up of relatives of clients can be helpful for aftercare..What kind of skills does the facility teach the patient? Are you helped with coping with anxiety, depression, and relationship issues? Are you taught to eat in a way that listens to your body’s cues of hunger and fullness?

4. Medical Services

Medical professionals who monitor medical problems that result from eating disorders are imperative.?


Some of these problems include; diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, among others.

5. Psychiatric Services

Staff psychiatrists are an important part of treatment.  These physicians can evaluate coexisting psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorders, among others? Eating disorders often coexist with other psychiatric problems.


Helpful Websites for Eating Disorder Resources

A few websites can help you find various levels of eating disorders support. These include individual psychotherapists, intensive outpatient programs, residential and hospital treatment settings.

One of the Most Helpful is

The Something Fishy Website on Eating Disorders

This referral site lists eating disorder support by the state.

The website list of entries for eating disorders support including treatment centers.

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