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Do ever wonder about eating-disorders-prevention?
If you are having a child, do you worry that you could pass the eating disorder on to your child?

Eating-Disorders-Prevention, Be or Find a Good Role Model

One of the best ways to prevent the development of an eating disorder is to be a good role model to your children. If children feel comfortable in their bodies regardless of shape or size. It can do wonders for their self image as well as help to detract from media and our cultural preoccupation with the need to look a particular way. One of the best ways to talk to your children or think about food is health. Healty eating gives you energy, helps you to think clearly, and prevent diseases.

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The hardest part of this is for the adults in their lives to be good rolemodels with respect to body size and image.If it is possible for you to refrain from dieting Unfortunately, children grow up with experiencing parents struggling with their own body image or being critical of the child’s eating habits or body size.

Eating-Disorders-Prevention, NEVER CRITICIZE

When, children or adolescents hear comments such as big butt, or thunder thighs or beer belly when someone is referring to them it can be mortifying.

Parents who mean well and are concerned about their child’s weight can start to make comments about the amount of food that their child is eating or their size.There is so much concern about health and childhood obesity, a parent must be very careful in approaching the subject.

Wounds to self-image can be irreparable. As adolescence approaches these words can haunt an individual and cyclical weight loss and gain can begin. This can end up as anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder.

Eating-Disorders-Prevention, Emphasize Health

If, as a parent you are concerned about your child’s weight emphasize health.

Encouraging healthy eating is much more constructive than discussing dieting and not allowing children to have some of the junk food they love. It is important to make all food good to eat at certain times and how different foods can be good for one’s body.

As with food be a good role model when it comes to activity. If you want your kids to be active it is much more effective if you exercise or plan physical activities for the family than criticizing you kids or telling them to be active



Eating Disorder Pervention;Do not Establish Some Foods as Good and Others as Bad

If junk food is bad and healthy food is good people live a lifetime in a battle with themselves to eat legal food over illegal food. A typical cycle of being good, rebelling, punishing themselves and then being “good” again occurs often people are tortured by this internal battle.

Eating-Disorders-Pervention; Discuss Body Development and Help Children with Realistic Body Size

It is important to help children understand that in puberty part of the change in bodies is that their may be a period as the body is adjusting it may be a bit larger.

Also helping children understand that the people they see in the media are not the norm and often these people have had to sacrifice health in order to stay in an unnatural state.

Discussing cultural preoccupation with being thin and how advertisers and others use this to sell products is not realistic for most of us.


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Be Compassionate with Yourself and Your Children

Most importantly be compassionate with yourself and your children. Food and weight are complected and difficult issues for some of us. Try to understand what food and weight may have avariety of meanings for each person.

If your child ask to go on a diet spend some time asking questions about what their objective is and why. For some adolescents loosing weight can feel like the solution to other problems. Help to separate weight from certain social and emotional issues.

If in doubt check with an eating disorder professional.

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