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Writing your Eating-Disorders-Stories can help you to take the first step toward recovery. Have you felt all alone with your secret? Have you been afraid to discuss your fear of getting fat with anyone? Have you been ashamed of telling anyone about your eating disorder behavior such as having a binge, vomiting or using laxatives?

It is important that people realize they are not alone. Reading what you or others have written helps reduce shame.  

If you have made progress your story may give someone else hope that they can get better.



Here are some ideas that may assist you in writing your eating- disorders-stories. By no means do you need to use these thoughts? In addition, your story will be kept anonymous unless you specify otherwise.

Five ideas you may want to include in writing your eating-disorders-stories

1.The time in your life that the eating disorder began.

This can help identify stresses in your life that lead you to cope either by overeating withholding food intake.

2.The way in which the eating disorder has affected and others close to you.

Writing about the effect can help you to understand how the eating disorder has helped you cope with particular issues in your life. Thinking about how it has affected others close to you may help you to identify emotions that you may be feeling toward them.

3.If you have gotten to the point of thinking of seeking treatment what made you make the decision? If you haven’t sought treatment what is stopping you.

Thinking about why or why you have not thought about treatment may give you ideas of how the eating disorder helps you and why you haven’t wanted to give it up

4.How’s treatment (therapy, medication, hospitalization) has helped, made the problem worse or has not helped?

This is an important question to explore in writing your eating-disorders-stories. Examining what type of has been helpful, the type of professional that has been beneficial and those treatment modalities and individuals who have been harmful may give you in the site about the type of help that can be useful in your life.

5.if you have experienced relapse, what were the contributing factors? Were you able to recover after a relapse

It is important for people to be compassionate with themselves. An eating disorder can be a coping mechanism that is difficult to recover from. If a relapse does occur which is not unusual were you able to recover again and what sorts of additional information did you gain about yourself, as you made efforts toward recovery after the relapse.

We encourage you to write your eating-disorders-stories not only for your own benefit but also to give others the knowledge that people can get through these struggles and no one is alone.

Tell Your Own Eating Disorder Story

Help yourself as well as others. Tell your

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