Bariatric Surgery Psychological Assessment

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 Reasons Why is a Psychological Assessment Necessary

Often people who are about to have Bariatric Surgery become concerned because they are asked to have a psychological assessment as part of the evaluation before surgery.

The apprehension is usually related to the results of the assessment prohibiting from obtaining the operation.

If you are a patient, it is important to know that mental health professionals are aware that patients arriving at their pre-surgery psychological assessment feel anxious.

Most people have no problem with the psychological assessment for bariatric surgery.  Only in rare cases does it rule out a candidate for surgery.  In most cases, the assessment can help to make the operation more successful.

The  critical reason that insurance companies, as well as bariatric surgeons, require a psych assessment are to be certain that the patient understands the what the surgery involves as well as the changes that will occur in their diet and the effect this can have on their life.

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